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PAC stands for Political Action Committee, the committee that determines the way that funds raised will be used to support elected officials in their campaigns. Unfortunately, there are quite a few myths about how any why PAC funds are used, and where the funds come from. Let’s clear up some of those myths, as well as look at how you can contribute to UPMA’s fight for legislation which supports our members.

Myths and the Truth

  • “PAC only goes to 1 political party”
    • This is actually false, UPMA understands the importance of bipartison support for any bill to be able to pass through Congress. As such, UPMA contributes PAC funds to both major political party candidates, as well as independant candidates.
  • “PAC money goes to whoever the National Board decides to give it to”
    • This is partially false. While the National Board does decide how PAC funds are used, there is criteria that must be met. Primarily, this criteria is that the candidate must be in a re-election campaign and they must have supported UPMA backed legislation in the past.
  • “I pay my dues, and part of that money goes to PAC”
    • This is 100% false. Federal law actually prohibits any portion of a member’s dues being directed to PAC. All funds raised and used in PAC come directly from contributions from members of UPMA.
  • “I can’t contribute to PAC unless I go a UPMA event”
    • This is also 100% false. While UPMA events are the biggest source of PAC contributions, you can contribute to PAC through payroll deductions, credit card, and sending in a check. See below for more details.

Donating through payroll deduction in an allotment is simple, and you can set it and forget it.

Retired? You can also contribute to PAC through OPM deductions. It’s as easy as submitting a form!

Want to just make a 1 time contribution to PAC? You can use a credit card or send a check in.

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