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If you would like to know more about your educational resources, please reach out to your representative.

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Educational Resources

  • Education and information that is important for your job and your future.
  • Educational training and materials provided in The UPMA Leader, on the UPMA website and at local, chapter and national events.
  • 3-digit educational meetings at your local level addressing local, area and national issues affecting your job and your ability to perform effectively.
  • The UPMA gives you opportunities to expand your knowledge, both personally and professionally.
  • A lifeline to assist with the many fast-paced changes in the Postal Service.
  • UPMA Learning Center, an on-line professional training website.

Enter the UPMA Learning Center

Know Your Job

SOV Calculator with Projector

The SOV calculator is provided by Illinois NAPUS to help you get an idea of what the AEWL (Adjusted Earned Work Load) is for your office or any other office. You will need the data from the Workload Analysis in the SOV program to complete this worksheet. Please note, this is only a tool to provide you with information and a better understanding of how the POStPlan offices are evaluated. It is not official. The official evaluation is provided by the U.S. Postal Service

SOV Calculator

Closing Stamp/Cash Credits-Final

Click the link for instruction to properly close a stamp and cash credits for eMoves and POS offices.

Closing Stamp/Cash Credits-Final Guidelines[PDF]

Guidelines to Prepare Stamp Destruction

Click the link for instruction to prepare Stamp Destruction.

Stamp Destruction Guidelines[PDF]

POS Code 9100 Stock Destruction Guidelines[PDF]

RSS Procedures for Stamp Stock Returns-Destruction

Manifest-Deposits Instructions

Click the links for instructions for deposits.

Deposit Preparation Must Read[PDF]

Concentration Point Deposits[PDF]

Individual Pickups Deposits[PDF]

Obtaining Express/Priority/Parcel Select Scan Failure Label IDs

Click the link for instructions for obtaining label IDs.

Obtaining Label IDs[PDF]

PS Form 1412- Training Course

Course Name: FIN: Field: Daily Fin Reporting Basics
(A course for a new APO or RMPO with a new PMR or PSE)
Course Number: 10019060

Course Description:
This course provides instructions for completing a manual 1412 in a postal retail unit. It includes the purposes of the 1412, the differences between the 1412A and the 1412B, AICs, the AIC/GLA crosswalk, supporting documentation, and the clerk vs unit 1412.

Target Audience:

Length: 1.5 hours

Contact: Accounting Help Desk at 866-974-2733

PS Form 3602-PO

Click the link for instructions using the PS Form 3602-PO.

Using the PS Form 3602-PO[PDF]

Recording Transactions Properly in POS

Window positions will be cut if downtime in not properly recorded.

Recording Transactions Properly in POS

The POS system lets you indicate a variety of transactions. If you have to retrieve a parcel, hit customer service non-automated transactions, and follow the steps associated with that action.  For example, if a customer comes in for mail pick-up, hit “other customer service”, “non-automated transactions”, “non-automated pick-up” and “stand by”. Once you retrieve the mail for the customer, log on and hit “mail pickup” and scan the items, if appropriate.  Then hit “end of visit”. The system records the begin time and end time of the entire transaction. If you don’t follow this procedure, the system will record the entire transaction as downtime.  Below is the list for recording non-revenue transactions.  Always make sure, if you are away from the window, you hit “Standby”.

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