ATTENTION CHAPTER OFFICERS: from Jim Maher, National Sec/Treas

New Fraud Alert:   Please be cautious with e-mail and/or text solicitations for responses.

I regularly receive messages from our President's seeking help to "transfer funds".  In review of the email address they originate from, usually they are not from the "UnitedPMA" e-mail, and I ignore them.

However, in the last week I got a text on my personal cell from someone allegedly being Sean looking for money to be transferred, and an email from Tony-appearing to be from his "" e-mail account.  I thought that odd, and went to forward it back-thinking someone hacked his e-mail account. I then noticed the e-mail changed to a "President-2019" AOL account, and knew we had a problem.

I have also heard a couple of other similar situations out in the chapters between their officers.

Technology has improved tremendously. It is apparent there are factions using our internal information to try to perpetuate fraud. If they can now "spoof" the appearance of a known e-mail account, and have responses to it sent to a different one--- that is dangerous.

Please be careful!  A good rule of thumb is when getting an e-mail discussing the need to shift funds or such-CALL the person to insure the request is legitimate.  It's very easy to shoot e-mails and texts back and forth.  However, it is apparent we are under a bit of a cyber-attack, so be cautious when dealing with moving funds.

Thanks,  Jim Maher-National Secretary-Treasurer

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